First class service for your lifestyle needs

Staff that meets your requirements of a sophisticated life and lifestyle

First Class Hauspersonal provides service professionals for a wide range of  your needs in areas like household, assistance, care and more. From butler to nanny, from private chef to private pilot, from landscaper to property manager. Moreover, we provide highly skilled therapeutic professionals, trained to provide assistance in daily life in a way that contributes to enhance the quality of life. People who offer the exceptional.

Thanks to our own longstanding experience as service professionals for sophisticated clients, we understand what a successful placement requires. When it comes to finding and placing staff with our VIP, VVIP, HNW and UHNW clientele, we draw on many years of experience.

All our staff candidates are extensively vetted and background-checked. Beyond a thorough assessment of  their professional skills, we place emphasis on the human qualities as well.

In addition to arranging your domestic staff, we also help you to organize a range of services like international charter flights, yachts, and much more.

Positions for which we offer staff include:

Housekeepers (m/f/d), property manager couples (m/f/d), majordomo (m/f/d), midwives / doulas (m/f/d), butlers (m/f/d), therapeutic assistants (m/f/d), nurses / caretakers (m/f/d), driver (m/f/d), pilots (m/f/d), chefs (m/f/d), private secretaries (m/f/d), personal trainers / yoga teachers (m/f/d) as well as a range of other positions.

Household, assistance, caretaking & more

We arrange firt class staff in all service areas: from domestic staff to personal assistance, caretaking, nursing and beyond.

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First Class Hauspersonal places expert domestic staff, service staff and nursing staff for distinguished households and sophisticated services.


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